Introducing Tilia Magazine

Date: January 15, 2016 Posted by: Dafydd Monks

While the UK has various professional organisations that issue newsletters, and one academic journal, it does not have a magazine for herbal practitioners. That is about to change... read on!

I have recently had the opportunity to get involved with this new project, called Tilia magazine after a lengthy discussion with one of my past colleagues from several years ago. I am really excited to be involved on the editing panel as it is an exciting opportunity for me to write about things I'm passionate about, see what other people are writing about and help with a fascinating new project. Moreover it is an opportunity to put North Wales on the map by sharing what I'm doing in this area with my projects. It is also a great opportunity to write about 'muddy boots' herbal medicine - inspiring other herbalists to get involved with the growing and processing of the medicines they use to ensure sustainable medicines are produced locally with an assured quality that only doing it yourself can give!

Press Release January 15th 2016

New independent herbal magazine for Western herbalists in the UK

Tilia Magazine is a new herbal magazine for Western herbalists practising in the UK. TheTilia Magazine Logo magazine is non-profit, and independent, with an aim to improve the practice of Western Herbal Medicine through community and sharing of knowledge, both traditional and research based.

The magazine is edited by a team of volunteer herbalists representing the diversity of western herbal medicine practice in the UK.

Who can subscribe?

Herbalists practising western herbal medicine who trained or practice in the UK, herbal medicine students and apprentices.

How much is the subscription?

£18 a year, which includes four editions of the magazine.
A sample of the magazine is available to download from the website