About Us

Your Practitioner: Dafydd Monks (BSc. Hons.)

Practitioner DispensingI am a qualified Medical Herbalist. I Recieved my degree in 2014 from the University of Lincoln, where I trained. Prior to my training in Lincoln, I studied at the University of East London before moving to Lincoln, and did a Diploma with New Vitality Tuition before that. 

I grew up in Rural Wales and have always had a close affinity with the natural world, and how natural medicines can help people to a state of optimal health. Since qualifying I have used my knowledge to offer people personally tailored treatment to help with diferse health requirements and conditions.

Since the start of my training, my goal has always been to empower people to take control of their own health and wellbeing and give them the tools to bring about optimal health through the use of herbal medicines. To this end, I provide herbal medicine consultations where all aspects of your health will be considered and a unique prescription will be tailored to your individual health needs. But it doesn't stop at just taking the medicine... I also offer learning opportunities in the form of 'herb walks', workshops, and short courses where you can learn for yourself how to use herbs and botanical medicines in your day to day life to help keep your family happy and healthy.