We hold clinics in locations across the North West Wales area.

Our main base is currently at Ty Gwair, Llanwnda, Gwynedd at the Protec Physiotherapy & Acupuncture clinic.

We also hold clinics on Friday and Saturday Mornings at the Harvest Moon, Holyhead.

For those who can not make the journey to see us, we can make home visits in the Gwynedd Area, there is no additional charge for this service.

Your first visit will last approximately one and a half hours. We will discuss your health concerns and take a full, in depth case history to understand as best as possible all the factors in your condition. After this, a unique prescription will be formulated to work holistically with your body to treat your complaint.

Subsequent visits are approximately half an hour in duration and take the form of a discussion of how treatment is progressing and to discuss any changes to your medicine that may be appropriate, as well as lifestyle and occupational changes that may benefit your health. 

Initial Consultations:     £45.
Follow-Up Visits:           £25.

There will be an £8 per week charge for medicine.

To book an appointment, get in touch with us here