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Herbal Medicine Consultations

How can Herbal Medicine help you?

 Herbal medicine centres the ideals of holistic treatment, considering the patient as a unique person, with their own individual needs which are catered to in the context of the person as a whole, living being rather than just a condition. It promotes an optimal state of health through increasing vitality and improving the body's ability to cope with stresses placed on it from infection, long term health problems and environmental and psychological stress.

We use medicinal plant material to make medicines which work safely and gently to help with a wide range of conditions. Modern herbal medicine is based on a harmony between traditional uses of medicinal plants, and modern scientific research which informs effective use of herbal medicines. Many of the herbs we use are native to the British Isles and North-West Europe, though others are imported from further afield.

Herbal medicine has a record of successfully helping people with all sorts of conditions - here is a list of areas in which herbal medicine may be able to help.

What Conditions can Herbal Medicine Help With?

Immune Conditions

 Such as recurrent infections, urinary disorders and infections, allergies; including asthma, skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema, arthritis, etc. 

Hormonal Dysfunction

Menopause, hormonal imbalance, menstrual problems.

Low Vitality and Aging

Excessive fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, sleep disorders.

Physical and Emotional Stress

Migraines, supportive treatment for stress, insomnia.

What can you expect from a consultation with us? 

 The first time you visit us for a consultation, we will sit down and have a detailed discussion about your complaint, how and when it appeared and take a detailed look at factors that may be hindering your return to health. This is primarily done through taking a detailed case history which includes looking at all aspects of your current and previous health, your lifestyle and current circumstances, and where changes can be made to help you improve your condition. If appropriate, you may be examined and any findings will help inform treatment, or where appropriate, referral for further investigation. We work with other health professionals including GPs, and work alongside other treatments and interventions, including conventional medicine. Any treatment you are already recieving is taken into account.

After discussion of your needs, a course of medicine will be formulated that is specific to you and your requirements: this usually takes the form of a blend of alcoholic tinctures of herbs, taken 2 or 3 times a day. Where necessary, herbal teas, creams, and ointments may be dispensed. We design our prescriptions so that medicine can be safely taken alongside existing medication you may be taking.

Usually at least one follow up appointment will be arranged; these take about half an hour and centre on your progress with treatment and ways in which treatment can be adjusted if necessary.

Speaking Engagements, Herb Walks & Workshops

For a full programme of events for Autumn/Winter 2014, Click Here

Are you interested in the history, philosophy and application of Herbal Medicine? Do you run a society or group who would like an informative, interesting and engaging talk about an aspect of Herbal Medicine or Holistic Health? We can help! I am happy to give talks on various aspects of Herbal Medicine starting at £20. If you're interested in booking a talk, get in touch and we can discuss things further.

Or are you interested in learning to identify some of the many wild herbs and plants growing in our hedgerows, lanes, ditches and woodlands? If so, herb walks are on offer. These are ideal for those interested in nature, plants and getting their boots muddy, and are suitable for children (age 8+). Herb walks last about 2 hours and are a fun way of connecting to the natural world and getting some exercise - while lifting the spirits and learning in an informal way. Bring a flask, some sandwiches, a notebook and a magnifying glass! Herb walks are £40 and ideal for groups of 1 to 10 people. Drop me a line to learn more about our herb walks!

Over the winter season (November - March) we will run a series of short workshops, looking at a family herbal medicine chest, making herbal cosmetics and beauty products, the role of herbs in food and nutrition, and growing, gathering and processing herbs for use. Dates tbc. These workshops are £60 per day and include tea and coffee - bring your own lunch. Venue: Cae Non, PistyllContact us for more information

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