Courses & Events 2014/15

Date: September 25, 2014 Posted by: Dafydd Monks
Learning Opportunities and Events

Herb Walks

BlackberriesDespite the encroaching autumn and changing weather, there are still a surprising number of medicinal herbs growing happily. A herb walk is a perfect opportunity to learn about some of the hidden hedgerow gems with a qualified Medical Herbalist. Our herb walks take about an hour, and are not strenuous. We will walk about a mile and look at a variety of medicinal plants growing in their natural environment. Some appear to be weeds, but are hidden gems of holistic health. Come and join in and learn about keeping the winter ills and sniffles at bay with simple hedgerow medicine!

Herb walks are free to attend.

Tuesday 30th September: Talysarn, 10AM
Tuesday 30th September: Pistyll, Nefyn. 3:30 PM
Saturday 11th October: Talysarn, 10AM

Ring me on 07989 325028 to confirm your place on the walk and get directions.

Contact me to arrange a herb walk at at time and location to suit you
. 3+ people preferred for groups.  

Introduction to Herbal Medicine Day

Pharmacy BottleThis is your chance to spend a day in the company of a Medical Herbalist and learn a little about the history and philosophy of Herbal Medicine. We will start off talking about the rich history of herbal medicine and what has shaped it into a real alternative method of achieving good health and why it is more relevant today than ever. In the afternoon, you will learn how you can identify and gather some basic herbs yourself, and process them into medicines for you and your family. You will also make an ointment and a herbal tea blend. This will give you the confidence to have a go yourself, and will give you something nice to take home at the end of your day.

Introductory Day: £ 35.

Saturday, 18th October, Pistyll. 10AM - 4PM.
Sunday, 9th October, Pistyll. 10AM - 4PM.

Ring me on 07989 325028 to confirm your place and get directions.

More dates TBC.

A Year of Herbs Course

New for 2015!!!

Mortar and PestleFor those with a serious interest in learning some of the many uses of herbs in family health, home-made cosmetics, and beauty products. This is an 8 month long course, starting in February 2015. We will meet for a day every month, and discuss growing herbs in your garden, herbs in the wild, harvesting and processing, and turning them into lovely and authentic medicines and cosmetics for you and your family to enjoy. You will learn how to use: 50 herbs that you can grow yourself, harvest wild, and some herbs and spices you will already have in your kitchen. You will learn how to make: Teas, Tinctures, Ointments, Creams, Salves, Lip Balms, Bath Bombs and Herbal Soaps. The course will follow the natural world as herbs grow and are harvested and used throughout the "herbalists' year" and each month will be vastly different as the seasons progress..

At the start of the course, you will receive a course folder; which we will enrich together: Each month you will receive additional hand-outs and fact sheets to add to your folder as your knowledge grows.

Course price: £280. Includes a course folder with learning materials for you to keep, and all the medicines you make on the course are yours to take home.

*This is a non-practitioner course for the interested public and is not a professional training course. However, by the end of the course, you will have learned how to use the 50 herbs we cover safely, and effectively to treat minor ailments and keep you and your family healthy!

Starting February 2015. Dates TBC.

Contact me to register your interest for the Year of Herbs course and receive more information/discuss the course with me.